mandag 19. april 2010

being happy and enjoy the life

the blonde one in Christmas 2009

It is one week now that I heard one of my ex- co-workers who was only 20 died because of brain attack. I was totally in shock when I heard that. It was just so unbelievable! That young happy girl who was there yesterday, is not here today! When I think about it, I realise that we people are sometimes so stupid to complain over small things. We should really learn to appreciate every single moment and live everyday as it is the last day in life. Love people around and help them just like Julie did. Rest in peace Julie! You will always be in my mind and I will never forget you smiley face.

torsdag 1. april 2010

Summer 2010 Make-up

Summer is comming soon and many make-up brands are coming with very cool limitied-edition products. One of the colors that almost all brands are focusing on is Pink, bright pink! All brands are coming with very shiny bright pinkish lipglosses, lipsticks and nail polishes! One of the other colors which is also very popular in summer-look is dark corals and fresh oranges which is actually a better alternative for women with yellow skin-tone. Lets look at summer-look of some of my favourite brands:

These lipsticks from Guerlain are very moisturizing
and have sun-screen and are transparent.

Famous pearl-powders are coming with every Guerlain look.

Very natural matt beige browns.

look at these fresh colors from Estee Lauder. I looove them.

And this blue eyeshadow is one of my favourite colors! When I look at it
I feel like I am in swimming pool.

Very nice eyeshadows from Clarins.
These colors are a must-have for every woman.

I love purple mascaras! They give very sexy effect to eyes.
Special nice to green and brown eyes!

I hardly liked Clarins Make-up before because of bad colors
in foundations, shadows. But recently I am so impressed
by their make-up. I loved their last foundation, last blue-violet eyeshadow
palette and Rouge Brillant which was very shiny shimmering lipsticks.
Now they are making these nice Crystal lip-balms!

OMG! Look at the nail-colors! The middle one looks almost
like the famous *jade* nail polish.

I don't know if I should get excited over this or not. I heard these ones are
only for Asian countries. Very sad :(

I can see it from the model face!

And the worst! This nail polish! Such a nice mirror-silver!
Really like your nails are made of mirror.
I think it is also only for Asian countries.

No wonder why Paris Hilton can't be without these bronzers.

Glowing face with Nude Glow. Don't forget the lip-glow!

Bright pink again.

Nice golden color which can be saved for Christmas too :)

Dior has had matt edition of these colors for long time.
Now coming with shimmer.

I admit I am not fan of these products since
they cost alot because of their design. But I know many people
who have been collecting these from every Dior look.

Smart bronzer to have it in bag. Lancome is creating
mineral make-up recently.

Face highlighter.

6 colors eyeshadow palette! Isn't it cool?

Mineral Blushes from Lancome.

Famous Juicy Tubes coming in a much nicer design.
They have very good price too.