torsdag 24. desember 2009


Now we are making the special Norwegian Christmas food which is pinnekjøtt (rack of lamb's ribs) with potatoes, kålrabi (cabbage with butter) and juleskinke (slices of svin meat). Many other people are eating fish, turkey and pork rib. I love pinnekjøtt. It is one of the most declicious foods you can eat. Even if I believe that people shouldn't eat red meat because of animals, once a year I break the law.

mandag 21. desember 2009

Anna Anka- dummest i verden

Hvis det er en person som er dummest i verden og jeg hater han/henne er det Anna Anka. Jeg kan ikke tro at en dame på hennes alder kan ha så mange idiotiske kommentarer. Egentlig jeg tror at i de verste u-land er det ikke damer som tenker så idiotisk. Først sier hun at det er kvinnen som har ansvaret hvis mannen er utro, etterpå sier hun at det er bare damer som må bytte bleie.Nå sier hun at det er ingen brunetter som er pen i verden og bare blondiner er pen. Jeg personlig kjenner 10000 brunnetter som er penere enn Anna Anka. Hun er den styggste jeg vet om!!

søndag 20. desember 2009

Elkjøp Ullevål

Vi var på Elkjøp Ullevål for første gang. *WOOOW* må jeg si. Veeeeldig fin butikk med maaaange spennende ting. Jeg kunne ikke bestemme meg for hva jeg skulle kjøpe. Hvis jeg hadde vunnet i lotto kunne jeg tenke meg å kjøpe den største TV-en som kostet 600000 kr :) Det var en av de fineste butikkene jeg har sett. Jeg anbefaler dere å ta en tur dit.

torsdag 17. desember 2009

new products

Woow. My husband had gone to London to watch Tottenham Hotspur's game and he came back with lots of good chocolates, my favourite whisky and lots of cool skincare and make-up products. I am sooo happy. He bought La Prairie cleansing products and the amazing Advanced Marine Biology cream and my favourite mascara Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen. Now I have complete skincare products for a while and instead I can save my money to buy Iron Maiden concert tickets.

I have been using this cream for a long time
Reaaally makes your skin very soft and smells great

Chanel Cleansing that I have been using
Have got lots of compliments. Recommended!

I use this product everynight on my lashes and brows
before I sleep. Makes them stronger and fuller

The best sun-care! Very light and high-protection

And the best eye make-up remover! Very light and
great for sensitive eyes

I have been trying lots of eye-creams. This one is very light gel
which is very easy to massage under eyes and every-morning
I never have puffy eyes and fine lines are gone

I can't be without this Red-Bull! It is very smart to have a
serum that you can use whenever you want over and under cream
which energizes the skin like a Red Bull!

I got these Marine Biology products

La Prairie cleansing foam which removes the make up
perfectly. You need very little of this everytime you use
and finally cleansing toner :)

søndag 13. desember 2009

Chanel sunglasses

I am reaaally speechless. I just saw the new sunglasses from Chanel with pearls and cabochones. I must say this is absolutely the nicest sunglasses I have ever seen in my life. I just can not find the picture on any other site. So just go to and then go to accessories and see sunglass number 6, or just go to google and search for chanel A40782 and go to the first link. I hope that I can get this sunglasses somehow. Another thing that I really want but its only sold online and shipped to USA and Canada is Kat Von D eyeshadows Metal Orchestra. This has the best Smokey eyes colors mixed with Black, Grey, Silver and different shades of metallic blue. Oh my Goood, I want sooo many things :(

tirsdag 8. desember 2009

New mobile

Now my husband is sitting with his new mobile phone Samsung I8910 Omnia HD and teasing me while I enjoy eating dark chocolate with mint. He is very excited about his phone.I envy him since he always gets whatever he loves while I must dream about my favourite things. I hope that I can win in Extra tonight and I can get me a Pug. I am always positive that one day I am going to win in lotto and become a millionaire, I just don't know when? :( I hope not when I am 80 years old. The weird thing is that most of the winners are very old people who don't even need the money and they say that they are going to give the money to grandchildren. This is when I wonder if there is a God or not. Anyway lotto and Extra is my weekly fuel.

søndag 6. desember 2009

small dogs

I am crazy of dogs, no matter what race, how ugly or how stupid. Today I saw a veeery nice bulldog in the bus and my new friend had taken her veeeeery beautiful pomeranian to our shop. She has 2 pomeranians that are going to get puppies. I really would like to buy one of them since they are veeery nice beautiful cute dogs. Even though sometimes I wish that I had a big dog that could save me if something was happening, but I know that I can not take care of big dogs now and I don't have much time to train them. So I really plan to buy me a small dog and here are some of my favourites:


yorkshire terrier

pug, veeeeery cute!

pomeranian, probably the most beautiful and elegant dog
japanese chin

veeeery lovely cute french bulldog

torsdag 3. desember 2009

hot guys

Now I have found another hot guy that I do not get tired of looking at him. It is weird since I hardly think that guys look good. There have been maybe only 2-3 times that I have thought that some guy looks reaaaally hot and irrestistible. Sometimes I see some guys with nice clothes and good smell who are polite and I think *what a cool guy*, but there have been 2-3 that I have been like *Oh myyyy Goooood*. It is the same with Actors and celebrities. I like Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake and some cool footballplayers but here are some of my *OH MYYYY GOOOODS* :)

Marcus Schenkenberg the hottest model in the world!!

Matt Damon ,He is hooot!

Leonardo DiCaprio
My favourite male celeb! I have loved him since Titanic!

David Beckham
Lucky Victoria!!

Daniel Craig
Look at this body! Just look!

Chace Crawford
Hot and mysterious
Johnny Depp
Everyone's favourite?!

søndag 29. november 2009

Spring 2010 Make up

End of every season we are always excited to get next season's make-up collection which most are limited edition. In january 2010 many famous brands are coming with extremly nice make-up products that I already do not know which one to buy. I admit that Chanel and Guerlain are my favourites, I mean they are my colors. Lets have a look at them:

Estee Lauder is coming with extreme pink, babypink, violetpink colors

Clarins eyeshadow is perfect for smokey eyes, a bit winterish maybe?!

Blush and highlighter from Lancome

Nice nailpolishes from Lancome

These eyeshadows are not my colors at all! :(

Aren't we excited to see Dolce and Gabbana's collection?

Not bad :)

Very nice blush

Dior's Lacy blush highlighter which comes in peach-beige color too
Very springish colors :)
I have always loved Silver nailpolish

Colors that suits everyone

Guerlain is coming with limited edition Insolence EDT.
It has the same smell, just nicer bottle

Expensive handmade Meteorites powder

I have hardly seen anything nicer! Perfect colors and perfect design!
I must buy this!!

Just look at this amazing designed blush!

Well you can guess which brand's catwalk show photo it is.
And isn't it amazing to get the same color nailpolish?

I am telling you, these nailpolishes are just amazing!!
Especially the beige-grey one 505! you see on the model!

The best lipglosses that stays on your lips for many hours!

And one of the nicest eyeshadows that everone loves these colors
The colors are beige and light brown-aubergine colors.
Det er helt matt! Så dere kan ikke klage!

And fabulous designed bronzing powder that can be used as eyeshadow too

Well, which one is the nicest? Make sure you buy your favourites before they become sold out!