torsdag 3. desember 2009

hot guys

Now I have found another hot guy that I do not get tired of looking at him. It is weird since I hardly think that guys look good. There have been maybe only 2-3 times that I have thought that some guy looks reaaaally hot and irrestistible. Sometimes I see some guys with nice clothes and good smell who are polite and I think *what a cool guy*, but there have been 2-3 that I have been like *Oh myyyy Goooood*. It is the same with Actors and celebrities. I like Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake and some cool footballplayers but here are some of my *OH MYYYY GOOOODS* :)

Marcus Schenkenberg the hottest model in the world!!

Matt Damon ,He is hooot!

Leonardo DiCaprio
My favourite male celeb! I have loved him since Titanic!

David Beckham
Lucky Victoria!!

Daniel Craig
Look at this body! Just look!

Chace Crawford
Hot and mysterious
Johnny Depp
Everyone's favourite?!

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