søndag 29. november 2009

Spring 2010 Make up

End of every season we are always excited to get next season's make-up collection which most are limited edition. In january 2010 many famous brands are coming with extremly nice make-up products that I already do not know which one to buy. I admit that Chanel and Guerlain are my favourites, I mean they are my colors. Lets have a look at them:

Estee Lauder is coming with extreme pink, babypink, violetpink colors

Clarins eyeshadow is perfect for smokey eyes, a bit winterish maybe?!

Blush and highlighter from Lancome

Nice nailpolishes from Lancome

These eyeshadows are not my colors at all! :(

Aren't we excited to see Dolce and Gabbana's collection?

Not bad :)

Very nice blush

Dior's Lacy blush highlighter which comes in peach-beige color too
Very springish colors :)
I have always loved Silver nailpolish

Colors that suits everyone

Guerlain is coming with limited edition Insolence EDT.
It has the same smell, just nicer bottle

Expensive handmade Meteorites powder

I have hardly seen anything nicer! Perfect colors and perfect design!
I must buy this!!

Just look at this amazing designed blush!

Well you can guess which brand's catwalk show photo it is.
And isn't it amazing to get the same color nailpolish?

I am telling you, these nailpolishes are just amazing!!
Especially the beige-grey one 505! you see on the model!

The best lipglosses that stays on your lips for many hours!

And one of the nicest eyeshadows that everone loves these colors
The colors are beige and light brown-aubergine colors.
Det er helt matt! Så dere kan ikke klage!

And fabulous designed bronzing powder that can be used as eyeshadow too

Well, which one is the nicest? Make sure you buy your favourites before they become sold out!

I am angry and...

I just lose things all the time. I just have to many things to take care of that I actually forget where I keep them and I end up losing them. And I hate it!!! I hate to lose things. I am very angry and when I am angry I listen to this song:


Zereshkpolo ba morgh (Iranian Berbeis Rice with chicken)
is probably one of the best foods in the world

I have got sick again and I can't eat whatever I want. It is terrible to have bad pain in throat too. I grilled chicken, rice with lots of vegetables and berberis :) I love berberis since it is very sour and good to mix with anything. I also appreciate how people are separating berberis from the plant since it is very sharp and annoying.

lørdag 28. november 2009

Another gift wish for Christmas!

I just got to know that Whitney Houston is going to have a concert in Norway in june. Such things does not happen so often. There are not so many superstars who have concert in Norway and one must pay so much to see their concerts in other countries. And now it is Whitney Houston! Who the hell does not love her? She is a legend! I saw the tickets are very expensive but at least I wish to get them as Chritmas present. :)

fredag 27. november 2009

X factor Norway

Dritt! Tommy er ute av X factor. Han var så kjekk og ville selge mange plater. Er enig med Jan Fredrik i at det var på tide at Lise skulle gå ut siden hun hadde vært i duell tre ganger. Jeg liker ikke den jenta, siden hun ser ut som hun tror hun er verdens beste mens hun er bare kopi av Beyonce. Nå håper jeg at Chand vinner.

I hate being sick!

I hate being sick and stay at home in the bed all day night, but who likes it? It is just a boring feeling and one can't do anything. I have bad pain in all of my body and I shake. Luckily my husband is taking care of me even though I miss my parents more at this time. All I can do is to take my laptop to bed and watch DVDs or youtube videos. Here are some of the youtube videos that I watch everyday!!

mandag 23. november 2009

what should we do on my birthday?

Next monday is my birthday. Bad day to have many plans since it is a working day and that we can't drink us full because of tuesday. One of my close friends has birthday exactly the same day and we are trying to plan what we should do. We want to have lots of fun and at the same time not spend too much money. Should we go to bowling or cinema or restaurant? I wish I would win in lotto so I could do whatever I wanted and I could buy all of the things on my birthday wish list: Here are some of the things I wish for my birthday:

Bruce Air ticket has been always on my wish list
even though it is not available now :(

La Prairie Marine Biology day/night fluid
this makes my skin like crystal :)

Since I am spending lots of money to buy lotto
I would not mind if people buy me 10 weeks lotto coupon

I loooove Hayao Miyazaki cartoons
I want all the collection :)

I want a training thing, well treadmill is the best
but I will be happy with a bike too

Woooosh! This is the cutest dog in the world. I have
always wished to have a dog but I know I am not going to get as gift :(

I loooove to buy clothes from Victoria's Secret. I would love
gift card at any price :)

And if I had won in lotto I would buy the bag I have dreamt to have
My favorite Chanel 2.55!

fredag 20. november 2009

Lady Gaga's new album

I just love Lady Gaga. Even if she is not pretty, she is just sexy by her actions, her personality and her music and style. I love her because she has her own style and she is very open in her interviews. Besides her songs are very energizing and I love to listen to them anytime. I loved her first album even if there were some songs that were not exactly my type, but after listening to her second album I was like *wow*! Amazing album! All songs are just soooo amazing. Now I have become a bigger fan! Here are some of the cool songs from her second album:

X factor Norway

Sitting and watching X Factor Norway. All of these boys and girls are really good. It is so hard to say who is the best. Everytime there are some who have the best perfomance and some are unlucky with the bad song choice. It would be cool if we knew more about the personalities of these guys and girls, so I could have another reason to vote for them, because I think a good artist must have a good personality too.
But anyway all are good, so whoever wins its deserved. Here are some of very funny videos from the audition.

And here's my favorite audiotion! Absolutely amazing voice! I cried when one of the judges voted her out:

onsdag 18. november 2009

No dieting for a day!

Sometimes I reaaally wish that I could eat as much as I want and stay thin, but unfortunately I am exactly that type that I get fat even by breathing and drinking water.No matter what I do I go up in weight. The only thing that I do is eating healthy and at least try as hard as possible to lose weight and hold my weight in balance. In the last months I have given up on many things and I can't control myself when I see chocolate. The worst is when I get sad, stressed and depressed. Because then I really start to eat like pig out of control! Now, right now I have come from work and I am tired and alone and depressed so I started to eat Chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce. The only thing that I hope is to get a treadmill or a dog as birthday or Christmas present.

tirsdag 17. november 2009

Is there God or there is not?

This photo is one of my friend's favourite photos
She always had problems and she thought life sucks

Sometimes I wonder if there is God or Not. The problem is that I feel punished most of the time because of all the problems that I have in my life. I am talking about SERIOUS problems. YES *SERIOUS*!! Is it God who is punishing me with this all *shit* that happens to me? Why? I really think I have not done anything bad. I reaaaally think so. All I do in life is trying to be good, be kind, be caring, helping, not lying... but why is all this shit happening to me? I start to think there must be No God! Absolutely not! Or should I believe in God and hope that he would help me through this *shit*. Or were I just born unlucky? Or have other people such kind of serious problems in life too? They seem very happy, I mean people around me. I really cannot pretend that I have it well. Life sucks!! Really sucks! And there is no solution! Why should my life be like this?

søndag 15. november 2009

Exfoliator day

Sundays are my exfoliator day since it is usually the only day that I have extra time for extra face and body care. After I scrub my face, it is becoming perfectly soft and clean for a perfect make-up for rest of the week. Here are some of my favourite face and body exfoliators:

Shiseido body salt scrub
perfect if you have cellulites

Chanel body scrub
The best smelling scrub that you can find

Biotherm Celluli laser body scrub
Perfect if you have cellulites

Clarins lip scrub
Perfect to remove dry skin from your lips

Chanel hydrating face scrub
Makes the face very soft

Dr. Brandt face scrub
Probably one of the best you can get made of Crystals

Guerlain face scrub
Makes the face soft and reduces pores

Jimmy Choo collection

Everyyear I see this large crowd of women around H&M shops waiting many hours in the queue to buy collection of famous designers who have made clothes for H&M.This year was Jimmy Choo. Even though I love Jimmy Choo and I loved the clothes and shoes that he had designed for H&M, I can't understand the point of wearing something that absolutely all people in street are wearing the same. Living in a small country like Norway and a very small city like Oslo with 2-3 main streets, I find it difficult to find cheap clothes and be unique. I have nothing against H&M and I think they have some nice cute clothes every season but even if the price of Jimmy Choo clothes were half of the price I would not buy them and I would rather save money for 1 year to buy a real Jimmy Choo shoes and clothes that I knew not many people have or maybe I would save money for a nice pair of Louboutin.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress

Paul & Joe sister dress

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Very nice Valentino shoes

Unique Louboutin shoes

Jimmy Choo shoes

And here are Jimmy Choo shoes for H&M