søndag 1. november 2009

Music and my favourites

Now that I wrote about Britney's new video I thought to write about my favourite music. Well I actually like all types of music, pop, rock, techno, heavy metal...but there are some that I love more than others even if all are very different from each other. My favourite band is Iron Maiden. I love them just tooo much that I can't explain. I reallly really adore them. Their concert was the best concert that I have ever been even although I got pissed off by people who were pushing me alooot and I could not breath.I have written before that I am f***ing scared of planes,but if there is one plane that I dream to fly with, it must be Iron Maiden's plane *flight 666*. Here is my favourite song of them:

and here is *flight 666* trailer:

I still remember how much money I was spending with my brother in my home-country to collect *illegal* photos of Iron Maiden and other singers. Even if many people think it is very weird I used to be crazy of Spice Girls too. They are very different from Iron Maiden, but I think they are the best Girl-band ever. Here is part of their concert in London that I went:

Other singers that I love are Christina Aguilera with the best voice in the world, Madonna and Britney Spears who are amazing entertainers. Of course I admit I loved Madonna more in her 80's and I still love other 80's music and I still listen to 80's music everyday :)

My favourite song of Christina Aguilera:

I love all Madonna's 80's songs but I still send one of my super favourites:

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