mandag 9. november 2009

Britney Spears Lip-Sync performance

After reading the article about Britney Spears lip-sync perfomance in Australia I think people in the world have become more and more stupid and all they think is to find something to make money from it. There have been so many complaints that fans want their money back because Britney was not signing actually. How stupid is that?! First of all if you are a fan, you are a fan and you support the singer without caring if she is singing or lip-syncing, whether she is ugly or pretty, in good form or bad form....
If you buy the concert tickets it is mostly to see her close and see a live show instead of a music video. Besides it has been known for many years that Britney Spears is lip-syncing and actually she is not a good singer. So it is nothing new and these people who bought her tickets they already knew about it and they have no right to complain. In my opinion it is much better to lip-sync intead of singing terribly. I think the people who complain about such stupid things are not real fans. They should not even buy her tickets.
After all I loved her concert soooo much. I did not care if she was lip-syncing, I did not care if she was not talking to public and...I love her music and I support her!
Here is a part of her concert that I was in London 10th. June

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