søndag 15. november 2009

Exfoliator day

Sundays are my exfoliator day since it is usually the only day that I have extra time for extra face and body care. After I scrub my face, it is becoming perfectly soft and clean for a perfect make-up for rest of the week. Here are some of my favourite face and body exfoliators:

Shiseido body salt scrub
perfect if you have cellulites

Chanel body scrub
The best smelling scrub that you can find

Biotherm Celluli laser body scrub
Perfect if you have cellulites

Clarins lip scrub
Perfect to remove dry skin from your lips

Chanel hydrating face scrub
Makes the face very soft

Dr. Brandt face scrub
Probably one of the best you can get made of Crystals

Guerlain face scrub
Makes the face soft and reduces pores

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