torsdag 5. november 2009

chocolate addiction

Again winter, again cold, again dark and again my addiction to chocolate has reached it's worst level :) I am normally addicted to chocolate and it is one of the worst things for my weight :( I wish there was a medicine that could help me to say *no* to chocolate. Today I bought After Eight which is one of my super favourites special in winter time. It is like I must eat at least *one after eight* after eight :) if I can control myself not to finish the box :)

Some of the other favourites that come in big boxes are Ferrero Rocher and Norwegians favourite Kong Håkon. It is impossible to just eat one. When I open the box I go up in weight the next day!!

I love almost all chocolates, but there are still some that I love most. The new collection of Freia is just one of the best things that you can ever put in your mouth. It is melting, veeery soft and tasty just like my other favourite *påske-egg*.

Even though I love these chocolates I still have to stick to dark chocolate since it is the healthiest. The taste is ok too but maybe not as good as some of my favourite milk chocolates?!


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