mandag 23. november 2009

what should we do on my birthday?

Next monday is my birthday. Bad day to have many plans since it is a working day and that we can't drink us full because of tuesday. One of my close friends has birthday exactly the same day and we are trying to plan what we should do. We want to have lots of fun and at the same time not spend too much money. Should we go to bowling or cinema or restaurant? I wish I would win in lotto so I could do whatever I wanted and I could buy all of the things on my birthday wish list: Here are some of the things I wish for my birthday:

Bruce Air ticket has been always on my wish list
even though it is not available now :(

La Prairie Marine Biology day/night fluid
this makes my skin like crystal :)

Since I am spending lots of money to buy lotto
I would not mind if people buy me 10 weeks lotto coupon

I loooove Hayao Miyazaki cartoons
I want all the collection :)

I want a training thing, well treadmill is the best
but I will be happy with a bike too

Woooosh! This is the cutest dog in the world. I have
always wished to have a dog but I know I am not going to get as gift :(

I loooove to buy clothes from Victoria's Secret. I would love
gift card at any price :)

And if I had won in lotto I would buy the bag I have dreamt to have
My favorite Chanel 2.55!

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