lørdag 7. november 2009

A good saturday

It was such a nice day today. Finally I got some saturday off with my husband and it was so perfect since cinema tickets were half-price today. We just walked in center of Oslo where was full of Molde and Ålesund fans because of football cup-final.My husband persisted to go to some restaurant, something that I both love and hate. Well it is very romantic and nice to just sit, relax, talk and eat a good food, but too expensive! We went to *Gold Mountain* chinese restaurant in Nansens plass. The food was veeery good and really enough to get full. Prices were ok, but the people who worked there did not even smile and they act like robots. After that I went to Eger shopping center and luckily I found a new lipgoss from YSL which is my favourite color. 2 years ago Chanel created a limited edition lipgloss named *delight* number 116. I bought 5-6 sticks of that lipgloss since it was an extremly unique light purple color that I could not find in any other brand. Now I see that YSL has come with almost same color, so I bought it and tried to see how it is on lips even if I still have 2 from Chanel. Chanel one gives more color and it is still my favourite lipgloss ever made. But I admit I am very happy with this new YSL too. Even if it was a bit transparent you can still see that nice light violet color.
Then we went to *A serious man* move. It was quite funny. So if you like black comedy I suggest to watch that movie. :)

YSL No 18 and Chanel delight No 116

Me today, here are my makeup products:
Artdeco eyeshadow base
Chanel 4-color eyeshadows No. 92 Bleu Celestes
Chanel duo eyeliner
Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation No.12
Chanel loose powder No.30 Natural
Chanel Joues Contraste blush No. 99 Rose Petale
Chanel Joues Contraste blush highlighter No.49 Luna
Guerlain powder kohl No. 01 Black
Dior eyebrow pencil No. 093 Black
Chanel lift lumiere concealer No.10 Beige Lumiere
Dior Skinflash highlighting pen No. 001
Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fel. Black Mascara and
then over it Diorshow Iconic Black mascara
Chanel lipliner No.34 Natural
Guerlain Liplift lipbase
YSL Golden lipgloss No.18
Chanel nail polish No.461 Blue Satin

And here is Chanel lipgloss No. 116 Delight my favorite lipgloss ever!

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