tirsdag 17. november 2009

Is there God or there is not?

This photo is one of my friend's favourite photos
She always had problems and she thought life sucks

Sometimes I wonder if there is God or Not. The problem is that I feel punished most of the time because of all the problems that I have in my life. I am talking about SERIOUS problems. YES *SERIOUS*!! Is it God who is punishing me with this all *shit* that happens to me? Why? I really think I have not done anything bad. I reaaaally think so. All I do in life is trying to be good, be kind, be caring, helping, not lying... but why is all this shit happening to me? I start to think there must be No God! Absolutely not! Or should I believe in God and hope that he would help me through this *shit*. Or were I just born unlucky? Or have other people such kind of serious problems in life too? They seem very happy, I mean people around me. I really cannot pretend that I have it well. Life sucks!! Really sucks! And there is no solution! Why should my life be like this?

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