lørdag 14. november 2009

foot and leg care

Today lots of people had come to shop to buy christmas gifts and I had to walk all around the shop to show the different products and help everyone to find the best. Since I always want to look good and most of the time I go in high heels I get pain in my legs and feet. It is not that easy to walk in heels for 8-9 hours. So when I returned home I washed my feet with Alessandro stiletto foot-wash which are round colorful soaps that melt in water and make feet white and soft.Alessandro Stiletto is a very cool and good smelling collection for feet. Then I massaged my tired legs with Clarins energizing leg emulsion which is veeery cooling lotion and takes the pain away that I highly recommend it. You can even use this lotion over your tights. Another good product that I recommend is Estee Lauder ManiPedi which is both hand and foot cream in one!!

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