søndag 29. november 2009

Spring 2010 Make up

End of every season we are always excited to get next season's make-up collection which most are limited edition. In january 2010 many famous brands are coming with extremly nice make-up products that I already do not know which one to buy. I admit that Chanel and Guerlain are my favourites, I mean they are my colors. Lets have a look at them:

Estee Lauder is coming with extreme pink, babypink, violetpink colors

Clarins eyeshadow is perfect for smokey eyes, a bit winterish maybe?!

Blush and highlighter from Lancome

Nice nailpolishes from Lancome

These eyeshadows are not my colors at all! :(

Aren't we excited to see Dolce and Gabbana's collection?

Not bad :)

Very nice blush

Dior's Lacy blush highlighter which comes in peach-beige color too
Very springish colors :)
I have always loved Silver nailpolish

Colors that suits everyone

Guerlain is coming with limited edition Insolence EDT.
It has the same smell, just nicer bottle

Expensive handmade Meteorites powder

I have hardly seen anything nicer! Perfect colors and perfect design!
I must buy this!!

Just look at this amazing designed blush!

Well you can guess which brand's catwalk show photo it is.
And isn't it amazing to get the same color nailpolish?

I am telling you, these nailpolishes are just amazing!!
Especially the beige-grey one 505! you see on the model!

The best lipglosses that stays on your lips for many hours!

And one of the nicest eyeshadows that everone loves these colors
The colors are beige and light brown-aubergine colors.
Det er helt matt! Så dere kan ikke klage!

And fabulous designed bronzing powder that can be used as eyeshadow too

Well, which one is the nicest? Make sure you buy your favourites before they become sold out!

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Sol sa...

amazing! especially the guerlain eyeshadow, it's unbelievable.