tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Chanel news

I was in Chanel course this evening which was all about new products that are coming in 2009! There were lots of new lipsticks and a 6-color lipstick box, lipglosses, nail colors, a new brown eyeliner and mascara and the most amazing was a 4-color eyeshadow and few other single eyeshadows. The 4-color eyeshadow is going to be a hit!! It was just amazing. And there is a new sliming product which is helping against cellulite too. That cream is going to be quite expensive but it has been proven that it works. At lesat worth to try these luxurious products! Well at least I am going to try them since I am crazy of Chanel and I just adore all products. They are the most amazing products that are worth the money! I am going to show you later all I use from Chanel. You can see them in www.chanel. com

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