onsdag 6. januar 2010

Winter perfumes

It is -18 degrees here and I feel even more addicted to strong spicy perfumes. I have always loved strong perfumes probably because I have been living in east where people are mostly using strong perfumes. In my country it is stupid to use a perfume that nobody feels that. There is no point to pay for something that does not smell after an hour and it is exactly opposite in Norway where people are not using perfumes or they buy only the ones that hardly smell. Very weird indeed. In my country it is very important what people think about you yet we are not afraid to use strong perfumes and make-up. But in Norway where people claim that they are free and they can do whatever they want, they care sooo much what people will think about them if they use strong perfume and strong makeup. I love both, very strong! And I don't care what people think about me. I use the darkest eyeshadows and the strongest perfumes. Here are some of my favourite perfumes which are super-good in winter-time:

My all time favourite perfume. I use it anytime and I go crazy everytime!

The newest perfume of Estee Lauder is very warm and sensual.
I have always loved Estee Lauder

Top winter favourite! Classic Coco!
Very glamour perfume!

This is a perfect spicy perfume for people
who don't want it strong. Very fresh!

Probably the strongest and sexiest of all!
Agent Provocateur is always super-sexy!

Very feminine perfume, not too strong!

Unisex! I love it on both men and women!
My friends favourite! All of my friends have this one :)

And here are some of good men perfumes:

I love this. Very sexy and elegant! Abit sweet spicy.

Masculine. Strong and fresh at the same time.

Very warm and sweet. Gucci has always been great!
Everyone has this one! I am sure!

Strong, very strong. One of few EDP for men.
Staying power is great.

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