lørdag 13. februar 2010

being positive

Sometimes it is too hard to think positive when many things go bad and when you expect everything to go well then everything goes shit instead. I am that kind of person that easily starts to think negative and I get irritated when people around me say *think positive!* It is not easy! I think these people have it very well and they just don't understand what shit I am in. Although it can be true sometimes, but I got another feeling after hearing that Alexander McQueen, one of the biggest designers of the world has commited suicide. It is truely sad! I think we people think that all these famous people are rich and happy, living a glamour life, but then you see that actually they are not as happy and lucky as they seem :( Then I start to appreciate my life and I think there are much worse things that can happen to me like what happened to people in Haiti or that Georgian athlete who died in olympic games :( I wish the world was perfect without any bad things and bad people!

Alexander McQueen show

Alexander McQueen R.I.P

Nodar Kumaritashvili R.I.P

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