mandag 22. mars 2010

Test of eye make-up removers

Since I am using soooo much make up on my eyes, almost smokey eyes every single day, including dark eyeshadows, eyeliner, kohl and 4-5 different mascaras each time, it is so important to have a very good eyemake up remover. I have been reading so many tests and I have been trying many removers and now I have decided to put my own test on my blog. I am rating the products between 1 and 6 since I am living in Norway and that range is used to rate products here. If I use more other brands I will just add them later in the test.

Rating: 6
Dior eye make-up remover is one of the best. It removes the heaviest
eye make-up veeery well and it does not feel oily. The only reason that it does
not get 6+ like Chanel is that it burns just little around the eyes but it is alittle cheaper
than Chanel and Helena Rubinstein which is positive!

Rating: 3
Lancome eye make-up remover is probably the most sold in Norway.
Sorry Lancome fans! This one feels just too oily around my eyes
and I must use too much to remove my eye make up and the
price is quite high.
Guerlain has fantastic skincare products. But this one is just overpriced.
It is good, not too oily, but it is not removing sooo good for that price.

Rating: 3
Same as Lancome. Too oily and must use alot to remove my eye make-up.
Compared to prices of Biotherm it is overpriced.

Rating: 5-
This one removes my eye make-up quite well and it has very good price.
The only problem is that it can irritate your eyes abit.
Don't use if you have sensitive eyes!

Rating: 4
Just an ok eye make-up remover. It feels gentle and not too oily
Just I must use alot to remove my eye make-up

This is absolutely the worst! I am soo disappointed. Shiseido has very good
products but this one is just terrible. It is just puting oil on your eyes and
that's it. It does not remove anything and makes you very uncomfortable.

Rating: 6+
The best!! No wonder it is one of the most sold products in Chanel world
and that they have not changed it's formula for 18 years!
It removes the heaviest eye make-up perfectly and it is perfect for
the most sensitive eyes! Sad that it is abit expensive!

Rating: 3
It feels too oily and you need too much of it to remove, but anyway
it is cheap. Not that bad for it's price!

Rating: 6
It removes the make-up very well and it does not irritate. It just
feels oilier than Dior and Chanel and it is alittle more expensive than Dior.

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