torsdag 25. mars 2010

Long Lasting foundations

Foundation in Make-up is probably the most important thing. If you choose the wrong foundation, wrong type or bad brands you are going to end up feeling uncomfortable during the day, get bad skin and no matter how nice you do on your eyes or lips or clothes you are going to look terrible if you use the wrong color. I guess sellers in big exclusive shops can help you to find the right foundation and color for you and it is really RECOMMENDED to listen to them since they really know what looks good on you and are honest. Also never feel sorry to pay high amount to foundation or any good skin-care product since they last long and make you much more beautiful instead of spending that money on a pack of cigarettes.
After using the newest Clarins foundation yesterday I decided to write reviews for Long-Lasting foundations since I am big fan of them after having normal/oily skin. Long lasting foundations are supposed to be comfortable on skin and sit on the face for more than 8 hours without becoming caky or change color. I have been testing many of these foundations. The foundations have been tested on totaly clean and after each foundation I have been using Chanel loose powder which helps that the foundation stays longer and matter. Even though that I have been using Mattifying cleansers and loose powder, it does not mean that all of these foundations have kept my skin nice and mat after a few hours. So lets see:
Rating: 5-
Helena Rubinstein has veeery nice products. This one is supposed to hold
12 hours. Well maybe it does not hold 12 hours as it says, but it holds
quite long. The color range is also good

Rating: 4-(for me since it is not covering)
The newest Lancome Shine free foundation
I really can't call this foundation since it is toooo light that feels
like you have nothing on face. That is what it actually says on the package
that it is breathable and it holds 18 hours. Yes it holds very long
but I will not suggest this one to someone who wants to cover the imperfections.
This can be actualy very good if you are going to training, if you are going to be under sun
very long or if you like day creams with colors with alittle bit more coverage.

Rating: 5-
This is a really good foundation. It smells great, looks great, feels great
but the only problem is that quite expensive and it does not stay for very
long but quite well. It has very good color
range too

Rating: 4+
Better than Silky Mat since it is covering better
but still too little coverage for me.

Rating: 3
The worst color range. It is like Clinique is not caring for
people with light skin or quite dark skin. It has only 4-5 medium colors
and usually minutes after applying on face it changes the color. So if you want
to find the right color for you wait some minutes.
It stays ok, but it feels dry afterwards that you can't blend well. Bad that
it is not pumping.

Rating: 5+
This is my favourite foundation that I can't live without! It stays veeery well on
my oily skin and it covers quite well. I can just put more and more if I want.
The only negative thing for me is the limited color range.

Rating: 3
Estee Lauder has reaaally amazing products and I truely love this brand.
But this one does not stay 15 hours as it promisses. After 4-5 hours I felt too heavy,
oily and uncomfortable on my face. Probably good for dry skins and people who
like extreme coverage.It has very good color range though. I don't like that it
does not have pump or tube.

Rating: 4
The same like Double wear with a difference that it feels
more comfortable and not too heavy on the face and it has better design.

This one smells the best. Just veeeery yummy :) It is covering veery well and
feels comfortable and stays ok for 5-6 hours but after that it becomes abit cakey.
It has very good natural color range.

These are some products that you can use in addition to your foundation
to make it stay longer and mat on your skin.

Guerlain's famous Pearl Base. It just looks and smells so good
that you want to eat it :) Makes the skin even and Mat.

My favourite loose powder from Chanel. It evens out your foundation,
gives radiance to the face and it helps that the foundation stays longer.

If you have oily skin and are looking for a moisturizing cream which is not greesy
this one is recommended. It has serum too that you can combine it with your
anti-aging cream :)

Are you shining in your T-zone only? Use this under or over foundation.
Whenever you feel like!
You want to keep your Make-up perfect when you dance or train?
Spray this after you do your Make-up.

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