søndag 25. oktober 2009

Christmas make up 2009

Christmas is getting closer and we are so excited about amazing *Limited Edition* make up products that come each Christmas from different brands. This year most brands have choosen dark violet, dark brown, dark plum colors except Chanel which has come with a palette with very warm and live colors which are (turquoise blue, yellow, light green and orangish red). Lets have a look at different series:

Clarins eyeshadows

Clarins look

Guerlain Collection

One of Guerlain lipglosses

Illuminating powder in compact and pearl form

Guerlain eyeshadow palette

Chanel golden bronzing powder

Chanel eyeshadow palette

Chanel lipsticks and lipgloss

Chanel nail polish

Chanel duo eyeliner in dark green

Chanel Golden Cage look

YSL Blush

YSL Lipgloss palette

YSL Eyeshadow palette

YSL Lipglosses

YSL look

Estee lauder highlighting powder for face
Estee Lauder collection

Very nice colors indeed!

Estee Lauder look

Dior look

Dior single eyeshadows

There is a lipgloss in this one

Grayish and violetish palettes from Dior

Lancome lipgloss

Lancome highlighting bronzing powder for face

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