torsdag 22. oktober 2009

Hair Color

I know that I look much better with dark hair, but there are lots of tones of dark hair and each time I go to shop it takes 1 hour to choose which hair color to buy based on the crapy fake testers and fake airbrushed photos on boxes. I have been mixing number 3 (dark brown), 5(light brown) and 8(light blonde) together each time I have colored my hair and it ends up with medium brown with golden highlights in it. Today I went to shop and I got tempted to try a new color since the girl on the box was very beautiful with a very nice haircolor. I bought Schwarzkopf Coloriste 450 Chocolate Brown color. I did not dare to use only that, so I actually added half of it to my other 3 colors that I always have been using. I must wait for comments from others :)

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