søndag 18. oktober 2009


I woke up 1 hour ago and I must admit this is the only thing I like about sundays, that I can sleep long. I think sundays are too boring, everywhere closed and nothing to do, nowhere to go and 99% terrible weather :( The only thing we do is clean the mess that we have made the whole week, eating a really healthy good food and watch some movie or going to Oslo Bowling. I am crazy of bowling. If I had lots of money I would go to bowling every single day! It is really fun! Well now I am going to prepare for lunch. It is really good to make something myself which is FATFREE!!

When I work during the day I still try to eat very healthy, but it is not the same! Very hard to find something READY TO EAT which is both healthy, delicious and cheap, so I end up eating Salmon and salat for 5-6 days in a week. I don't complain they are very healthy and good, but sometimes it becomes tooo boring. So now I am so happy that I am going to eat something good with my husband.

I love smoked salmon!

Last sunday we ate pizza in Mona Lisa restaurant. I must say it was one of the best pizzas ever! Thin Italian type that I love! I did not even go up in weight the next day :)) I love Mona Lisa! When I want to go out with my friend drinking crazy and dancing we always choose Mona Lisa!

On the left: Mona Lisa Restaurant in Oslo

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