tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

Nail Polish

I just colored my nails with the newest Lancome nail polish no. 108 Rouge Ebene. It is veeery nice red, shiny dark red, exactly like fresh red roses. There is another one which is no.208 Decadent Burgundy which is even darker like red roses which have become dry :) Both are romantic and nice! You must try them! Just don't forget Chanel's base coat under the nail polish and Dior's top coat over! Chanel base coat makes your nails stronger and it keeps your nail white and nice. Even if you try the darkest nail polishes your nails won't become yellow. Besides your nail polish is going to stay for a week :) . Dior top coat is making the nail polish dry in 1 minute and it gives extra shine to nails.

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