onsdag 14. oktober 2009

New foundation

I always get excited when I want to try a new product. Today I have started to use the new Armani foundation that I bought in London few months ago. I have always been a very big fan of Chanel products yet I have always been open to try new things in other brands. I have liked many products from Guerlain, Clarins, Helena Rubinstein, Dior...but must admit that I use Chanel 99%! The last time I was in London I decided to buy an Armani foundation since they don't sell it in Norway. The seller suggested Shaping Cream foundation, even though I have been fan of matifying foundations. Since I am a seller self, I trusted that seller and bought just whatever he suggested and thought was the best for me. Looking like cream, I thought it must be a very heavy foundation, but it was light and natural and it gives an incredible radiant finish, but it still doesn't beat my favourite Chanel Mat Lumiere :)

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