lørdag 24. oktober 2009

dry lips

Lancome Juicy tubes

Guerlain terracotta lipbalms

Rouge G de Guerlain

Dior Addict High Shine

Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliant
Chanel Levres Scintillantes

Chanel Soin Tendre Levres
Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick

Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick

The weather is getting colder and lips are becoming drier. There are so many nice things to choose from. Lip balms without color, lip balms with color, hydrating lipsticks, hydrating lipglosses...but I still go for my favourites from Chanel. I am not a lipstick girl, but I have always been crazy about lipglosses. I choose to wear *soin tendre levres* from chanel which is without color and then I choose *Aqualumiere* glosses. They are the most hydrating lipglosses with the nicest colors. Very natural! Try them on your lips! Don't judge them only by looking at them. They are totally different when they come on the lips! If you prefer lipstick, then you can choose Aqualumiere in Lipstick form even in more colors :) Again I tell you, try them on lips! They look dark, but when you try them they are supernatural.

If you like veeery shiny lips go for *Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliant* or *Dior addict high shine lipsticks*! Or go for *Levres Scintillantes collection from Chanel* with lots of nice and extremly glittery glosses!

If you like matt lips go for the best lipstick ever made *Rouge G de Guerlain*. They are expensive, but I am telling you, you can never find a better lipstick :) or *Guerlain terracotta lipbalms*. If you want something cheaper go for *Chanel Rouge hydrabase* Don't forget to try No. 18 Rouge Noir with No.18 Rouge Noir nailpolish! They are probably one of the most solgt products in the world! Special in fall/winter time :)

If you want something that tastes good go for *juicy tubes from Lancome* :)

If you want something without color go for *Chanel Soin tendre levres* or *Biotherm nutrisourse levres* :)

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